Carol Sissons

Associate Editor

Carol is currently scheduling developmental edits for historical romance and romantic historical fiction.

If you're interested in working with Carol, send an email with a brief synopsis and word count to:

Hi, I’m Carol, although most often around the Internet I’m known as Caz.

I edit historical fiction in various subgenres; mostly romance, but also mystery, steampunk, paranormal, LBGTQ, fantasy . . . if it’s got a strong historical background, then I’m in!

I’ve been an avid reader of historical novels since the age of eleven, when my English teacher gave me a long list of books by authors such as Jean Plaidy, Norah Lofts, and Anya Seton after I’d asked her for some reading ideas, and I’ve been a big fan of historicals in their many shapes and forms ever since. Which is more years, now, than I care to remember!

I hold a degree in Music from the University of London, as well as a variety of other qualifications in Music and English; and I also hold QTS, Qualified Teacher Status, in the UK, where I’m from (so if you want to make sure your earls and dukes are being addressed correctly, then I’m your gal!) My career has been a fairly varied one;  I’ve worked in publishing, marketing, advertising, and PR, all of which required a very high standard of facility and accuracy in written English. After having a break to start a family, I qualified as a teacher of Music and Modern Foreign Languages – mostly French, with some Spanish and German.

My interest in history is of long standing and is something of a personal passion; I maintain to this day that I learned more about the history of Britain by reading good historical fiction than I ever did in history lessons at school! My husband is a bit of a World War I buff, and we’ve spent quite a bit of time in Northern France over the past few years, visiting the major sites of interest, of course, but also pursuing smaller, more personal aims – finding the graves of various relatives and learning about their personal histories and wartime service. It’s a period I also find fascinating, although to tell the truth, I find pretty much everything about history to be fascinating!

When it comes to reading, I read a lot of historical romance, mostly books set in Britain in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, but pretty much anything from about the Wars of the Roses to the early twentieth century is likely to interest me. When it comes to historical fiction, I’m far more likely to be reading books set after the Norman Conquest up until the Civil War (mid-seventeenth century). Sharon Penman and Elizabeth Chadwick are my go-to authors for HF.

Not only am I an avid reader, I’m an avid reviewer. I’m Editor in Chief at All About Romance, one of the largest websites dedicated to reviewing romance novels; I’ve run Romantic Historical Reviews for a number of years, and I also review audiobooks for AudioGals, the only audio review site that is focused entirely on romantic fiction. Writing reviews that clearly set out a books’ strengths and weaknesses in a concise and precise manner helps potential readers decide where they want to spend their hard-earned cash. Attention to detail and keen analytical skills are two of the most important skills in the reviewer’s arsenal, and those are among the things I bring to my work as an editor and proofreader. I want to help the authors I work with to make their stories the best they can possibly be – whether it’s by making sure language and grammar are correct, or by helping to shape and hone their ideas.

Interested in working with Carol? Email us anytime:

Testimonials from Carol's Clients:

Carol’s grasp of English grammar, punctuation, and all the other tools of the writing trade is second-to-none – this being the basic platform upon which all good writing exists. She can be relied upon to pick up on the kind of errors readers frequently find annoying and which authors prefer to eradicate from their finished work but with which they sometimes need help.

Her other great skill is her ability to "read between the lines." She sees and understands the subtle nuances with the text, arriving at a very clear and insightful overview of the writer’s intentions.  Equally, she spots inconsistencies or small gaps in the storyline. Both of these facilities are as useful to a budding writer as they are to those of us with years of experience.

Carol is trustworthy, discreet, and efficient. If you are looking for a reliable and extremely capable copyeditor, look no further. ~Stella Riley, author of of the Rockliffe series of Georgian historical romances, the Roundheads and Cavaliers series, and A Splendid Defiance, a novel set during the English Civil War


I found Carol’s approach to be extremely professional and her editing both incisive and meticulous. I very much appreciated the progress updates she sent during the editing process, as well as the fact that her edit was completed bang on time. I will definitely use her editorial services again! ~Sally Malcolm, Fandemonium Books Ltd.


I hired Caz to provide content editing in the areas of British history, English linguistics, and London-area knowledge for my Romance Readers Guide to Historic London. She was very thorough, worked quickly, and went beyond the parameters of her contract with me to offer additional helpful grammatical edits. Her work was excellent, and I'm happy to recommend her to anyone looking for accurate and thorough editing services. ~Sonja Rouillard, author Romance Readers Guide to Historic London

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