Anna Bennett

Associate Editor

Anna is currently scheduling developmental edits for historical fiction, fairy tale/mythological, fantasy, mysteries, and young adult.

If you're interested in working with Anna, send an email with a brief synopsis and word count to Executive Editor Jenny Quinlan:

Hi, I'm Anna! (Pronounced Ah-na)

I consider myself a bookdragon of the first degree – hoarding books left and right, fiercely possessive, and willing to travel to increase my treasures! I edit historical fiction and a wide variety of subgenres (romance, mystery, gay/lesbian, fantasy, time travel, and young adult, to name a few), as well as fairytale/mythological, mysteries, traditional fantasy, and young adult.

Academically, I hold a BA in History with minors in Southeast Asian Studies and Religious Studies from Drake University, an MA in Medieval Studies (History/Archaeology/Literature/Art) from the University of York, and an MPA with a concentration in Human Resources from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Having grown up in the realm of fairytales, I am passionate about the innumerable stories in the world, and admire the talent of those who bring their own stories to life every day. I read with both the mind of this story-seeker and my inner historian, and pay particular attention to rounding out characters and plotlines to ensure the tale bursts with life. My background lends me strength particularly in Medieval England (Early-High), the Hundred Years War, and the Wars of the Roses, however I am comfortable with a wide range of locations and time periods.

Although reading crests the list of my hobbies, I am also an avid baker, watcher of movies and murder mysteries, and learner of languages. Whenever possible, I love travelling to new places, both domestically and internationally, to learn about their history, food, culture, and – of course – their folk- and fairytales! My current travel plans include uprooting from the Midwest and moving on down to Florida while my fiancĂ© pursues dental school and I pursue some beach time.

I would love to hear about your project! What stories are you sharing with the world, and how can I help?

Interested in working with Anna? Email us anytime:

Testimonials from Anna's clients:

Anna recently provided developmental edits on the fourth draft of my historical novel, KEPT. The quality and insight of her feedback exceeded my expectations! Anna helped me clarify the motives of my three POV characters; she expressed honest reactions when a certain action or bit of dialogue was out-of-character; she caught several anachronisms (so important when editing historical fiction!); and she offered insight into several plot strings that I had not properly tied up at the end of my story. Both before and after Anna's review, she allowed me to ask questions about certain elements of my manuscript. And, once I'd reviewed her edits, we spent an hour on the phone discussing them in more detail. 

I appreciate Anna's honest, yet respectful, manner of critique. She is such a cheerful and knowledgeable asset for your team. I feel she has a particular strength in editing historical fiction since she is passionate about the genre and has ample period knowledge which allows her to catch small (yet significant) errors in a manuscript. I wouldn't hesitate to seek her editing services again in the future, and I am confident that my manuscript is better now that I've incorporated her suggestions! ~Sarah L. Penner, author of Kept

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