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Jenny Q's Critique Crew


Special Introductory Price! $65 per month

The Critique Crew consists of 4-6 historical fiction writers plus Jenny Q. Participants submit up to 10 pages in advance for each meeting and agree to critique other participants’ submissions in return. We will meet as a group twice per month, and each participant will receive approximately 20 minutes of discussion on their submission at each meeting.

How is Jenny Q’s Critique Crew different from other critique groups?

Critique groups are great because they bring multiple perspectives to your writing and often from authors in different stages of their careers. Critique groups can be invaluable to writers, but they also have the potential to be discouraging or even harmful if they are not moderated by an experienced guide.

While most people join critique groups with a sincere desire to receive help and offer help in return, members can have conscious or subconscious agendas, be easily offended, or allow their personal beliefs to color their suggestions, and of course one of the biggest frustrations is when no one else in your group has any experience with your genre.

The Critique Crew meets under the experienced guidance of professional histfic editor and book coach Jenny Q. She’ll keep the group on track, ensuring everyone gets their allotted time, and help you learn to recognize the feedback that will be most beneficial to you while helping everyone in the group learn how to give better critiques. The Critique Crew can also help you establish discipline and routine, plus you’ll gain some industry insight and get an idea of how readers may receive your work.

Jenny Q’s Critique Crew is particularly valuable to the histfic author because all of your fellow attendees are histfic authors as well. They understand the unique challenges you face. 

How Does It Work?

Sign up for the month(s) of your choice via the Paypal button below.

Payment is refundable up to seven days in advance of the first meeting. After that, payment is nonrefundable but can be transferred to a different month if you are unable to attend.

You will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to prepare and submit your pages for the group. Saturday Critique Crew submissions are due the preceding Tuesday.

Participants submit up to ten pages to be critiqued for each meeting.

Participants read all the submissions and make notes before the meeting.

During the meeting, participants read the first few lines of their submission to set the tone.

Participants discuss each submission and offer feedback.

After the meeting, participants return the submissions with their notes.

Jenny Q’s Critique Crew is open to historical fiction writers in all stages of their careers, from brand new to multi-published. All historical fiction subgenres are welcome. By signing up for a Critique Crew, you are committing to reading and critiquing your fellow participants’ submissions. It is important to keep an open mind, both as you are reviewing others’ submissions and as you are receiving feedback on your own.

You can utilize the Critique Crew for each scene in your novel or wherever you feel you need a little extra help—or even if you're working on a short story or a novella or just trying out a new idea.

In order to ensure a robust discussion and maximum value, each Critique Crew must have a minimum of four participants to proceed. In the event that a Critique Crew is canceled, participants will have the option of a refund or applying their payment to a future date.

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