New Book Release: Who's Who at the Tudor Court

I was privileged to work with Victoria Sylvia Evans on a copyedit in my first foray into historical nonfiction, Who's Who at the Tudor Court. It's a great overview for anyone who's looking for a clear and concise breakdown of the various positions at court and some of the most famous people to fill them. Here's the book description:

In Tudor England, all roads led to the royal court: a focal point of influence, power and advancement. This book explores the court of Henry VIII, offering you a unique glimpse into the life of England's most famous king and his six queens, while also describing the lives of the men and women who carved out successful careers serving at court. 

What was the difference between the Privy Chamber and Privy Council?
What tasks and responsibilities did Ladies-in-Waiting have?
What did the household of a royal infant look like?

These and many other topics are covered in Who’s Who at the Tudor Court. Written in an engaging and easy-to-follow style, this book is a must read for all Tudor enthusiasts!

Who's Who at the Tudor Court is available now on Amazon!

And here's what Victoria had to say about me:

Jennifer Quinlan is a very professional copyeditor. She worked through my manuscript with such thorough attention to detail--I was really impressed. I will certainly turn to her with my future books!

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  1. Congratulations on the praise, Jenny! Did you do the cover as well?

    1. Thanks, Kayla! No, I did not design the cover. But it's pretty cool, isn't it?


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