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Aaron Redfern

Associate Editor

Hi, I'm Aaron! I have edited everything from business reports to movie reviews to academic writing, but I particularly enjoy working with fiction. I've been an insatiable reader of fantasy (and science fiction!) for my whole life, and I'm well versed in a variety of subgenres (dark fantasy, high fantasy, urban fantasy, etc.). Historical fiction is a more recently acquired passion, but I find that I love it for the same reason: it allows you to look through the eyes of someone whose world, culture, and attitudes are often very different from your own, and in doing so, it challenges you to take a new look at the world around you.

I have a BA in English from Williams College. I'm not sure how much I learned from English professors, but poets and novelists taught me a lot about the craft of writing, and I'm still learning from them every day. I've taken courses in the history of medieval Europe, Ancient Greece, and East Asia, and I'm also a bit of a World War I and II buff, especially when it comes to aerial combat. That said, I love reading about history and I'm a keen fact-checker, and I'm confident working with a variety of periods and locations.

When I'm not working, I enjoy Indian cooking, contra dancing, ice sports that don't involve skates, and video game design. I also love to travel, but since I'm based in the New York metro area, there's always plenty to explore close to home as well.

That's me in a nutshell. I look forward to reading about the worlds you've created and helping you make them as perfect as possible!

Me with my wife Johanna. I'm in costume as an edited document.

Aaron is currently scheduling developmental edits and copyedits for historical fiction and fantasy.

If you're interested in working with Aaron, please submit this form.

Don't wait to contact Aaron! His schedule is typically filled two months in advance.



Bachelor of Arts, English
Williams College

Professional Organizations:

Historical Novel Society
Editorial Freelancers Association