New Book Release: Heart's War

Please join me in congratulating Kathryn Loch on the release of her newest historical romance, Heart's War, Book Two in the Heart and Soul Series! This is the third novel Kath and I have collaborated on, and over the course of a developmental edit and a copyedit, I've come to love Brynmor and Rose--and y'all know how much I adore Welsh history! Bryn and Rose's story takes place during the final days of the futile fight for Welsh independence, as Llywelyn ap Gruffydd and his brother, Dafydd, rise up against Longshanks for the last time, and Brynmor, as a powerful prince of Powys, is caught in the middle. Here's the book description:

Brynmor and Rose have known each other for years. Since his rescue of her eighteen years ago, Rose has come to know a gallant man and a skilled knight. But also one who is plagued with doubt. Born a son of a freeman farmer, the Fates have worked to place him in control of the vast principality of Powys in Wales.

But as Wales falls pell mell into a war for independence, Brynmor must choose. Will he support his Welsh brethren as his heart desires or will he side with the brutal English king, Longshanks. 

Rose understands if the king cannot trust Brynmor's allegiance, he will destroy Powys. She knows of only one way to guarantee an alliance but will Brynmor agree to it and defy his Welsh blood?

Heart's War is available now on Amazon! While you're there, check out Kath's author page and the rest of her romances--both historical and contemporary--and check out Kath's website for more info on her books and her miniature painting!

And guess what? Kath dedicated this book to me!

To my editor and friend, Jenny. She not only catches my mistakes, but her creativity matches mine.

Ain't she sweet? And hey, if you happen to be going to the Romance Novel Convention in Vegas in August, Kath will be there presenting a workshop on piracy and protecting your work in the digital age.

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