Go Away Home Acquired by Amazon's Lake Union Publishing!

Please join me in congratulating Carol Bodensteiner! Carol recently experienced an indie author's dream come true when an Amazon acquisitions editor reached out to her after discovering and loving Carol's historical fiction debut, Go Away Home. I was privileged to work with Carol on a copyedit of Go Away Home, and I designed the book's cover. Go Away Home will undergo another round of editing and receive a new cover before it is released in June of this year by Amazon's Lake Union Publishing imprint. Click here to read Carol's full announcement. Here's the book description:

Liddie Treadway grew up on a family farm where options for her future were marriage or teaching. Encouraged by suffragette rhetoric and her maiden aunt, Liddie is determined to avoid both and pursue a career. Her goal is within her grasp when her older sister's abrupt departure threatens to keep her on the farm forever. Once she is able to experience the world she dreamed of, Liddie is enthralled with her independence, a new-found passion for photography, and the man who teaches her. Yet, the family, friends, and life of her youth tug at her heart, and she must face the reality that life is not as simple, or the choices as clear-cut, as she once imagined. GO AWAY HOME is a captivating coming-of-age novel that explores the enduring themes of family, friendship, and love, as well as death and grief. This novel will resonate with anyone who has confronted the conflict between dreams and reality and come to recognize that getting what you want can be a two-edged sword.

When I reached out to Carol to congratulate her on this awesome turn of events, she had some lovely words for me:

"You helped make my book professional - in content and cover - and I know that had an impact on the acquisitions editor. Many thanks for your efforts on my behalf . . . I'm proud to call you my partner on this journey."

It was my pleasure!

You can still snap up the original version of Go Away Home in ebook and print format before the Lake Union version is released! Add the book to your Goodreads shelves, and check out Carol's website, where she blogs about writing historical fiction.

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  1. Many thanks to you, Jenny. I'm confident the work you did with me on editing and the excellent cover design helped attract the Amazon acquisition editor's attention. This year will be an exciting new ride.

  2. How exciting for both of you--congratulations!!


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