Historical Fiction Bestsellers: Week of June 7

The following titles are shown in order of appearance from
USA Today's Top 150:

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter  A Blaze of Glory

Along Came a Duke  Bring Up the Bodies  The Help

Wolf Hall  Istanbul Passage  The Great Gatsby

The House of Velvet and Glass  The Shoemaker's Wife  The Sins of the Father

The Book Thief  Home  To Kill a Mockingbird

A better week for histfic with 15 titles, which has been fairly average since I started keeping track a year and a half ago. Lots of variety this week, too, with old favorites and new releases sharing space on the list. Julia Quinn's newest romance made the top 10!


  1. The variety of the covers perhaps illustrates the variety of the fiction.

    I wonder if different cultures prefer different styles of picture?

    1. I think you're right about those covers! I don't know about cultures, but covers do tend to vary widely between genres.


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