Big News: God Save the King Gets an Agent!

You may remember a little post I put up last week about my client Laura Purcell's debut novel God Save the Kingon which I performed a developmental edit and a copyedit. That post generated a ton of interest for the self-published book among my friends on Facebook and Goodreads. Well . . .

Back in October, Laura had contacted me to share the exciting news that she'd met an agent at the Historical Novel Society conference in London who was interested in signing God Save the King. She'd read the manuscript and told Laura that though she anticipated some revisions for layering in emotion, it had already been edited to a very high standard.” (Yippee!)

Now it's all official and I am thrilled to announce that Laura has signed on with Kate Nash of the Kate Nash Literary Agency to help her find a publisher for God Save the King!

I was excited to work with Laura from the moment she contacted me, because I had never read a novel of Queen Charlotte before, and I couldn't believe other agents she'd queried had told her there wasn't a market for it. Then, after I started working on the novel, I couldn't believe agents were rejecting such high-quality writing. Laura is immensely talented and I couldn't be happier for her success! And she's so sweet, she wrote a little testimonial for me:

I hadn’t worked with an editor before and I have to say I was a little nervous about the process. I’m so glad I chose Jenny! She did a fantastic job on both the developmental and copy editing of my novel. She understood the characters, my style and the direction I wanted to take the story in right from the first read. The service was professional and friendly at all times – Jenny was always quick to respond to my emails despite being on the other side of the Atlantic. It was so nice to work with someone that liked the story, understood the genre and went into the same depth about the bits and pieces that I like to! I feel Jenny’s help was instrumental in helping me finally get a literary agent with this book. I’d had some interest before the edit but the first agent that read it after the edit signed me in less than a week!

God Save the King is still available in its self-published format until Laura signs on with a publisher. You can find it in paperback and ebook format on AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Lulu. And if you get a chance, stop by Laura's blog to say hello!

And if you're looking for some editorial support for your work-in-progress, please don't hesitate to contact me!


  1. Congratulations Laura and Jennifer! Looks like a high arcing launch of two amazing literary careers!

    - Dave D.


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