New Book Release: God Save the King

Please join me in congratulating Laura Purcell on the release of her debut historical fiction novel, God Save the King! I had the pleasure of working with Laura on a developmental edit and a copyedit. (Her husband designed that gorgeous cover :) Here's the book description:

London, 1788. The calm order of Queen Charlotte’s court is shattered by screams. Her beloved husband, England’s King, has gone mad. 

Left alone with thirteen children and a country at war, Charlotte must fight to hold her husband’s throne in a time of revolutionary fever. But it is not just the guillotine that Charlotte fears: it is the King himself. 

Her six daughters are desperate to escape their palace asylum. Their only chance lies in a good marriage, but no Prince wants the daughter of a madman. They are forced to take love wherever they can find it – with devastating consequences. 

The moving true story of George III’s madness and the women whose lives it destroyed.

Doesn't it sound good? Well, it is! Laura has painted a wonderfully intense and emotional picture of the effect of mental illness on a family. And the fact that it's a royal family makes it all the more compelling. God Save the King is available in paperback and ebook format on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Lulu. And stop by Laura's blog to say hello. She's hard at work on the sequel to God Save the King and she posts lots of historical tidbits on the Hanoverians!

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  1. Sounds amazing -- I love the unusual royal focus -- not a king & queen you see in hist fic all that often -- thanks for lifting this one up! WANT!

    1. Audra, I think you'll like it. I was really excited to work on a novel about Queen Charlotte because I'd never read a novel about her before. History has sort of painted her as a bitch, but when you realize all she was dealing with, you can kind of empathize with her. And her daughters.

  2. I thought this book sounded so good, I have purchased the ebook already! Can not wait to read it!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy it :)

  3. A woman with 13 children and a husband who goes nuts deserves to be a bitch! ;) I can't wait to read this one!


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