New Book Release: Domenico's Table

Please join me in congratulating Teresa Neumann on the release of Domenico's Table, the long-awaited sequel to her debut novel Bianca's Vineyard! I was privileged to work with Teresa on a copyedit for Domenico's Table. It's a really evocative story, blending several generations and  lingering resentment from WWII in the Tuscan countryside. It's also full of beautiful vistas, good food, and that quintessential Italian joie de vivre. Here's the book description:

Domenico’s Table is a riveting postwar adventure loosely based on the life of Domenico Sacchelli, a charming proprietor, chef extraordinaire, and gregarious cousin to the Bertozzis of Tuscany. When a sassy American joins a former German soldier and his stoic granddaughter for a reunion at Domenico’s holiday rental in Italy, sparks fly. For love to kindle, bitter memories and closely guarded secrets must be surrendered--but bigotry, suspicion, and fear stand in the way. With the help of a handsome Italian tour guide, time, truth, and a miracle will determine if love prevails.

Check out Domenico's Table on Amazon, and stop by Teresa's website for links to more retailers and her blog posts on books and all things Italian!

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