Client Spotlight: Shelly Schwartz

Last year I began posting and promoting when my clients publish the works we collaborated on, but there were a few I'd worked with before I adopted that policy, and I didn't want them to be left out! Shelly Schwartz was one of the first authors to take a chance on me when I embarked on my path as a freelancer, and I am eternally grateful! I worked with Shelly on three novels, two of which have been published. I was privileged to help Shelly with developmental edits and copyedits on Semiprecious Wife and City of Raven, which follow members of the same family who took very different paths in life during the Great Depression and World War II. Here are the book descriptions:

Looking for a jewel thief who robbed several affluent older women, FBI Agent Jamie McKenna’s investigation leads to Grace, a long lost friend of his from childhood. Although the FBI has its hands full of Great Depression criminal activity, Jamie digs into the reason behind his number one suspect’s behavior. However, Grace finds a jewel of a way to get even with the probing investigator, a hasty decision with lasting repercussions.

Find Semiprecious Wife on Amazon and Goodreads.

It’s 1945 in Hollywood where Robin is starring in her father’s horror movies and living the American dream. Her twin sister, Raven, raised by their mother in Europe, works undercover on missions using seduction and betrayal to uncover powerful men’s secrets. After the war, the twins reunite, but there’s underlying tension to prove who turned out better. WWII is over, but Raven’s war is just beginning ... in Hollywood.

Find City of Raven on Amazon and Goodreads.

Sound good, don't they? Check 'em out!

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  1. OOOH. City of Raven is so going on my TBR and wishlist. I LOVE classic movies and that theme...just scream strong women. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Tara, I think City of Raven is one you'd enjoy!


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