New Book Release: Sworn to Love

Please join me in congratulating my client Kathryn Loch on the release of her newest novel, Sworn to Love, Book Two in the Vows of the Heart series! Kathryn is an award-winning author with ten titles currently available on Amazon. She found me through Romance Novel Center and we hit it off right away! I was privileged to work with Kathryn on both a developmental edit and a copyedit for Sworn to Love, and I fell head over heels for her alpha hero Nathan Lancaster. Here's the book description:

Five years ago, Navy SEAL Nathan Lancaster lost his wife of four days, the woman he loved more than life, to an avalanche during their honeymoon. Despite the assistance of his team, he never found Ana's body, and Nathan buried his heart in an empty casket. Devastated, Nathan tried to drown his pain in alcohol, but ended up losing his position with the SEALs and destroying his tenuous relationship with his brother, Ethan, instead. But while Ethan and his wife, Bethany, were on the run from ruthless arms dealer, Cordova, they discovered evidence that suggested Ana might still be alive.

Sober for the past year, Nathan has learned to draw strength from his family and put his life back into some semblance of order. But finding out that Ana still lives sends him reeling, and when he comes face-to-face with his beloved wife, only to discover she has no memory of him and is married to another man, he must walk the fine line between self-preservation and self-destruction once again. But there is far more going on behind Ana's memory loss than meets the eye, and when Nathan learns someone is trying to kill her, he’ll stop at nothing to protect the woman he loves, even if it means she never recovers her memories of their life together.

Convinced that the only way to keep Ana safe is to keep her close, Nathan struggles to find the strength to rediscover the woman who once loved him. Will Ana ever remember him and the love they shared? Will he be able to figure out who is trying to kill her and why before it’s too late? Or will his second chance at happiness result in only a return to the grief that nearly destroyed his soul?

Download Sworn to Love on Amazon for only $1.99. For a limited time in celebration of the release of Sworn to Love, you can download the first novel in the series, Sworn to Protect, the story of Nathan's brother Ethan and his wife Bethany, for free on Amazon! And stay tuned, Kathryn and I are hard at work collaborating on several more romance novels!

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