New Book Release: Richard III: Return of the King

Please join me in congratulating Patricia J. Collins on the release of her newest nonfiction book, Richard III: Return of the King. I was privileged to work on a copyedit with Patricia. The discovery and identification of Richard's skeleton has revived interest in this controversial king, and Patricia's book presents a concise, simple overview of the biggest questions surrounding Richard's life. Here's the book description:

Richard III's reputation and appearance has dominated the media since the discovery of his skeleton was confirmed on 4 February 2013. Even before the discovery, the legacy of Richard III was a hotly debated issue with myths and misconceptions surrounding his person. In this book, we’re going to concentrate on busting or confirming the most popular myths surrounding Richard III:

What did he really look like?
Did he poison his wife so he could marry his niece?
Did he murder his nephews, the Princes in the Tower?
What led to his death and what happened to his body?

Richard III’s physical appearance has defined his reputation to this day: According to chroniclers writing under the reign of the Tudors, he was a misshapen monster whose villainy was reflected in his deformity. Richard’s supporters have refuted this claim. But Richard's skeleton has yielded a dramatic piece of evidence: the king really did have a severe spinal curvature which may have given him uneven shoulders. So it turns out not everything written by Tudor historians is mere propaganda . . . 

Somewhere in between the hunchbacked, power-mad villain from Shakespeare’s play and the paragon of virtue some of his supporters portray him to be is a real man, and we will attempt to objectively uncover him in this book, presenting facts from primary sources rather than reflecting the author’s personal opinion of Richard III.

Richard III: Return of the King is available now in ebook format on Amazon and Amazon UK for $2.99.

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