New Book Release: The Thirty-Ninth Man

Please join me in congratulating Dale Swanson on the publication of his debut novel, The Thirty-Ninth Man! I worked with Dale on a developmental edit and a copyedit, keeping in mind his goal of seeking traditional publication with a niche publisher, and North Star Press snapped it right up! The Thirty-Ninth Man is a poignant and powerful read centered around the Sioux uprising of 1862. Here's the book description:

Article I: There shall be a firm and perpetual peace between the Sioux and Chippewas; between the Sioux and the confederated tribes of Sacs and Foxes; and between the Ioways and the Sioux.

On August 19, 1825, in a place called Prairie du Chien, Michigan Territory, under the guise of concern but wrapped in a cloak of deceit, the federal government began a series of treaties with the Sioux Nation that would lead to the outbreak of the Sioux Wars, and the end of a way of life.

In 1862 with the beginnings of the Sioux Wars in the Minnesota River Valley, a mixed blood named Anton McAllister balances on the razor thin line separating corrupt Indian agents, unscrupulous fur traders, the U.S. Army, and powerful chiefs from the Chippewa and Dakota nations. When his best friend is falsely accused of war crimes and sentenced to die, Anton finds himself in a race to save his friend from the gallows.

The Thirty-Ninth Man is available now in paperback on Amazon! Visit Dale's website to learn more about The Thirty-Ninth Man and to read excerpts from his poetry and short stories.

Looking for your next book club read? Special pricing and extras are included when purchased directly from Dale in quantities of five or more. He's got a handy contact form on his web page for those who would like more information.

If you follow my posts you may remember how I excited I was when Dale was signed to his publisher, and he had some wonderful things to say about his experience working with me (read it here). When he let me know the book's release date was drawing near, he warmed my heart all over again:

"You know, I feel it was your edit and suggested modifications to the manuscript that put it over the top and led to publication. I can’t emphasize that enough. Thank you."

Thank you, Dale!

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