New Book Release: The Women of the Wars of the Roses

Please join me in congratulating Alicia Carter on the release of her newest nonfiction book, The Women of the Wars of the Roses! I was privileged to help Alicia with a copyedit. I'm a big Plantagenet fan, and the Wars of the Roses is one of my favorite historical eras to read about. I especially enjoyed working on this book because its sole focus is the women who survived the wars and went on to play influential roles in the founding of the new Tudor dynasty. Here's the book description:

The Tudor dynasty traditionally starts with Henry VII’s victory at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485. In reality, however, the story of England’s most popular dynasty starts much earlier—and it starts with three courageous women who shaped their own destiny. The Tudor dynasty traces its origin to Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort and Elizabeth of York—women who waged through blood and loss in order to finally emerge as the ultimate female survivors of the Wars of the Roses.

Their posthumous images, however, couldn't be more different, and their lives are still shrouded in mystery. Elizabeth Woodville, the first commoner to marry a King of England, is chiefly remembered as a greedy queen who elevated her huge family, causing a stir in the realm. Margaret Beaufort, mother of the victorious Henry Tudor, is immortalised in history as an overly ambitious, scheming woman who ran her son’s court, pushing his wife aside. Elizabeth of York, the eldest daughter of Elizabeth Woodville and Edward IV, is perceived as a queen subjected to her mother-in-law and trapped in a loveless marriage to a man who ousted the last Yorkist King. It is time to dispel some of the most enduring myths about these extraordinary women who ultimately shaped the early Tudor dynasty.

  • Why were Elizabeth Woodville and her mother accused of witchcraft?
  • Was Margaret Beaufort a “mother-in-law from hell”?
  • Did Elizabeth of York have an incestuous relationship with her uncle, Richard III?

These are only a few of the controversial questions discussed in this book. Within these pages, you will learn much more about the three women who emerged victorious from the Wars of the Roses, who tried to rebuild their lives while adjusting to the new, post-war Tudor era, and who founded a dynasty that would reign for more than a century.

The Women of the Wars of the Roses is available now on Amazon for $2.99!

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