How Committed Are You? Carol Bodensteiner on the Decision to Work With an Editor

Recently, I had the privilege of working with Carol Bodensteiner on a copyedit of her debut historical fiction novel. Afterward, Carol wrote an article about the experience for her blog. She had some lovely things to say about me and the process, and I thought her observations may be helpful to other indie authors struggling with the decision to hire an editor. Here's an excerpt from her article. Click the link below to visit her blog and read the full article.


From the beginning of my journey into writing historical fiction, I anticipated working with a professional editor. But, unlike authors who work with a publishing house, we indie authors go into our own pockets to hire editorial services.

More than once along the way, I wondered if it was worth the investment. After all, I had worked through my manuscript with my writing partner, two groups of beta readers, other historical fiction authors, and finally my own writing skills honed by years in the editor chair myself. Did I really need yet another set of eyes looking at things?

Whenever I wavered, I returned to my goal in writing my upcoming novel Go Away Home — to tell the best story I can and write it as well as I can. In my heart, I knew that included an editor.

As I prepared to choose an editor, serendipity lead me to Jenny Q, an editor who specializes in historical fiction.

Click here to read the rest of Carol's article!


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