New Book Release: A Rose Beneath the Snow

It seems like I've waited forever to share this news and now I finally can! Please join me in congratulating Gayle Mullen Pace on the release of her historical romance, A Rose Beneath the Snow, Book One in the Heart of a Rose series. Gayle and I worked on a copyedit together, though it seems like we went much further and put a lot of heart and soul into polishing this gem to perfection. Gayle cites Victoria Holt and Kathleen Woodiwiss as some of her influences, and it shows. This is a big, meaty romance, definitely new and fresh but with a classic feel. Here's the book description:

She had no name but...Miranda. 

Raised in a notorious brothel without family or heritage, she knew only endless days of drudgery as a servant, shrinking from the life that would one day be forced upon her by those to whom she owed her daily existence. 

She had no hope until...James. 

The man who, with skill and tenderness, showed her what her future could be. He fulfilled her most ardent desires, explored with her the depths of love possible between a man and a woman — and then betrayed her trust. 

She feared the future without...her identity. 

Alone, wounded, and armed with mysterious clues to her family, she begins an epic journey through Victorian London to find the answers she seeks—all the while hiding her past and shunning love and marriage. She wonders if she will ever again meet the man who spoke to her heart. And if she did, would it change the course of her destiny...and his? 

Journey with Miranda as she rises from the seedier side of 19th century London to the grand ballrooms of the aristocracy as she chases her mysterious beginnings and comes face to face with her past.

A Rose Beneath the Snow is on sale now in ebook format on Amazon and Smashwords, and books two and three will not be far behind. And trust me, you're gonna be running to pick up the second book when you finish this one! Stop by Gayle's website if you get a chance and say hello!

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