New Book Release: A Rose in Summer

Congrats to Gayle Mullen Pace on the release of the second book in her Heart of a Rose series! A Rose in Summer is the second book Gayle and I worked on together, and it picks up right where A Rose Beneath the Snow ended. Just like the first book, this is a classically styled Victorian romance, beautifully written with all the twists and turns of an emotional roller coaster. You want angst? You want high drama? You want true love to conquer all? You got it! Here's the book description:

Set amid the grand and lavish aristocracy of Victorian England, Miranda Kingswood and the Earl of Hawk’s dramatic story continues. Now the Countess of Hawk, Miranda is mistress of Hawkesmier, her husband’s ancestral home on the ancient downs of Wiltshire. Reunited with the man who abandoned her and has sworn to never love her, she strives to discover why he has no memory of her. 

The Earl of Hawk, determined to secure his inheritance, declares that their marriage will last the required one year and after that, he will seek a costly divorce. Yet as the days pass, his feelings begin to change and he wonders if his first impressions of her were completely wrong. His vow to never love again begins to crumble. 

While they fight each other and their growing desires, a dangerous adversary strikes, threatening their marriage, their future, and their lives. 

A Rose in Summer begins where A Rose Beneath the Snow left off.

A Rose in Summer is on sale now for $2.99 in ebook format on Amazon and Smashwords. Book one is available now and book three will not be far behind. And trust me, you're gonna be running to pick up the third book when you finish this one! Stop by Gayle's website if you get a chance and say hello!

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