New Book Release: Forsaken

Please join me in congratulating Gayle Mullen Pace on the release of her latest historical romance, Forsaken! I was privileged to partner with Gayle for the third time in copyediting Forsaken, the first book in the De Montbrai Saga. Set in the medieval England of King Henry I, Dane de Falaise, an outcast knight, and Morynha de Montbrai, the woman he kidnaps, attempt to bring justice down on the head of the man who was responsible for the murder of his family. Gayle holds no punches in her portrayal of this tumultuous time period and its treatment of women, and the book is a roller coaster ride of emotional highs and lows with fantastic characters. Here's the book description:


Dane de Falaise is a dead man, both hunted and feared. Hiding behind a mask, he becomes the Black Falcon, a man without a home, a name, or fealty to any man. He haunts the countryside, searching relentlessly for the one who slaughtered those he loved and changed his life forever.


Taking her sister’s place, Morynha de Montbrai is kidnaped by a menacing, black garbed knight and becomes a pawn in a sinister game. As she and her captor struggle to find common ground, Morynha must teach Dane that some things are more important than revenge. Will they find a fierce, burning love born from the seeds of their hatred and mistrust—or will they discover that, when the good in man is over taken by evil, they are left with nothing and remain . . . forsaken?

Forsaken is available on Smashwords and for Kindle on Amazon for $2.99. Stop by Gayle's website if you get a chance and say hello!

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