Just for Fun Friday: You Craaazy!

A friend of mine posted this on my facebook timeline this week, and it made me laugh out loud. She knows me too well!


  1. That's one of the reasons I left Facebook. I got tired of seeing how very ignorant and uneducated our society is. I was seeing at least five graphics a day with misspelled words. It's not confined to just FB anymore though. I'm seeing typos in blurbs for books. When are people going to realize it's not 1980's unless the eighties OWN something? It's 1980s. And oooh, I saw its/it's wrong on the Starbucks website yesterday. *smh*

    1. Oh, the graphics are terrible! There are so many I would share if they were properly spelled and punctuated! Even the tickers on the news are full of typos, and so are the graphics they put up. Evidently, no one cares about proofreading anymore. The dumbing down of America continues...


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