New Book Release: Ladies-in-Waiting: Women Who Served at the Tudor Court

Please join me in congratulating Victoria Sylvia Evans on the publication of her newest nonfiction book, Ladies-in-Waiting: Women Who Served at the Tudor Court! I was privileged to work with Victoria on a copyedit of this follow-up to her highly popular Who's Who at the Tudor Court. Here's the book description:

Drawing on a variety of sixteenth-century sources such as manuscripts, household accounts, chronicles and personal letters, Victoria Sylvia Evans explores the role of ladies-in-waiting at the Tudor court. 
  • What responsibilities did ladies-in-waiting and maids of honour have? 
  • What was required to be selected as a lady-in-waiting? 
  • What did an ordinary day at court look like? 
  • What role did ladies-in-waiting play in the fall of Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard? 
  • Who are some of the most famous ladies to have served the Tudor queens? 
These and many other topics are covered in Ladies-in-Waiting: Women Who Served at the Tudor Court.

Ladies-in-Waiting is on sale now in ebook and print format on Amazon!

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