New Book Release: Demuth

Please join me in congratulating Edward Bristol on the publication of his first historical fiction novel, Demuth. I had the pleasure of working with Ed on a developmental edit and a copyedit. If you're a fan of unique heroines (and really, who isn't?) you're going to love this story about a smart young woman's fight for survival in the dark forests of fifteenth-century Germany. Here's the book description:

Germany, 1499

Orphaned as a child and solitary by nature, the young and beautiful Demuth has nevertheless managed to carve out a successful living for herself as a village healer. But as the Renaissance dawns over Europe, shaking the foundations of medieval society with radical new ideas about freedom and science, Demuth’s position grows tenuous. The protection of the master of the castle overshadowing her village is the only thing standing between her and the superstitious fear of the villagers who condemn her even as they avail themselves of her services. But when she is falsely accused of a heinous crime and branded as a witch, even the master can no longer keep her safe. Demuth is forced to flee for her life with her only friend, her loyal Viking dog, Hal, and her only solace—and addiction—opium.

Disguised as a mute shepherd boy, Demuth seeks safety with her only living relative in the big city of Cologne, but she arrives to discover soldiers are already there looking for her. With no choice other than to keep moving, she is aided by the kindness of strangers and embarks on a harrowing journey to seek shelter in a far-off abbey. Pursued by the grand duke’s soldiers, beset by mishaps and tragedy, saved in her darkest hour by a mysterious hermit, Demuth’s fight for survival forces her to examine her own choices, and to determine if she has the strength and the courage to embrace a future she never imagined possible.

Edward Bristol’s historical fiction debut, Demuth, is the timeless story of a young woman’s struggle to find her place in a shifting world filled with prejudice, fear, and persecution, yet also capable of acceptance and understanding, and ultimately, love.

Demuth is available now for Kindle on Amazon. Check out Ed's website, and add the book to your shelves on Goodreads.

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  1. Hm... I'm a little confused as to why she's addicted to opium. It puts me off a bit, but I like the sounds of this woman and her dog having an adventure. I'll check it out.

    1. It's actually a pretty natural subplot. She dispenses opium to her patients to ease their pain and started relying on it herself to dull her emotional pain. Acknowledging her dependence on it and overcoming it is a big part of her character journey.


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