New Book Release: Love in the Valley of the Kings

Congrats to Nicola Italia on the publication of her newest historical romance, Love in the Valley of the Kings! I had the privilege of working with Nicola on a copyedit of this exciting tale of love and treachery in 1920s Egypt. Here's the book description:

Intelligent and lovely Emma Hayward is the pride and joy of her father, renowned archaeologist Rupert Hayward. Having graduated from college, Emma is intent on following in her father’s footsteps to become an archaeologist in her own right. 

After extensive research from decades of digging in Egypt, Rupert believes there remains an undiscovered intact tomb in the Valley of the Kings. With financial backing secured, Rupert decides to bring his family to Egypt, and Emma is thrilled to begin excavation on her first official dig. 

When the Haywards arrive in Egypt, Emma is introduced to the newest member of the excavation team, exotic and handsome Winston Spencer. Half-Egyptian and half-British, Winston finds himself drawn to the blond beauty, even though she is engaged to another man. Working and living together day in and day out, the two archaeologists find themselves falling in love amid the endless sand and sultry heat of Luxor. 

But as the team closes in on the tomb of the famed King Nebnenbuta, someone among them wants nothing more than to destroy it all. Emma and Winston must stop a killer before he strikes again, and before they lose their one chance at happiness. 

Love in the Valley of the Kings is available now on Amazon for Kindle. Add it to your shelves on Goodreads, and check out Nicola's website for the scoop on all of her historical romances.

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