New Cover Design: You Can't Spell Tokyo without K.O.

Please join me in congratulating Nicholas Floyd on the publication of his second nonfiction book, You Can't Spell Tokyo without K.O.: A photo-essay dissecting the Japanese epidemic of passing out in public. with a cover designed by yours truly! (Cover photo credit belong s to Nick.) Here's the book description:

Every day, all across the city of Tokyo, a curious phenomenon unfolds: scores of blue- and white-collar citizens end up passed out — sometimes in spectacular fashion and mind-boggling positions — on the streets, on trains, in restaurants, in bushes, or anywhere else imaginable. Come nightfall, one might stumble upon a well-to-do Japanese salaryman lying crumpled and snoozing facedown on the sidewalk, apparently walloped by a haymaker of fatigue that sent him crashing down for the count. These brutal knockout punches sometimes involve intoxication, but alcohol alone fails to explain this widespread yet unintuitive phenomenon: making a public spectacle of oneself in a society like Japan’s, where conformity and shame heavily regulate behavior. 

Rife with fascinating insights into Japanese culture, You Can’t Spell Tokyo Without K.O. embarks on an eye-opening journey where social commentary and candid street photography explore the various societal factors — some enviable, some alarming — that contribute to this epidemic of passing out in public.

You Can't Spell Tokyo without K.O. is available now in ebook and print format on Amazon. Add it to your shelves on Goodreads, and check out Nick's website.

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