New Book Release: The Reckoning

Please join me in congratulating Mike Torreano on the publication of his debut historical fiction novel, The Reckoning! I had the privilege of offering Mike some developmental editorial help on this Western tale of betrayal, vengeance, and love before he began the submission process, and it was picked up by The Wild Rose Press! Here's the book description:

Ike McAlister returns home to Kansas after the Civil War, his soul bruised and empty. Worse, his parents have been killed by Quantrill’s raiders, who are still on the loose. No stranger to death and destruction, he vows to run the killers down. A clue leads him to the high plains of Colorado, but when his sister, Sue, disappears from there, his world quickly spins out of control. In the midst of this turmoil, a feisty landlady sparks an attraction, the only good thing in Ike’s life. 

Racing against time, he must make a deadly choice. If he continues to pursue the killers, Sue will likely never be found. But if he veers off to find his sister, the killers’ trail will go cold. 

Which track to follow? Will the love of family triumph in his broken heart, or will it be the passionate hate of revenge?​

The Reckoning is available now in ebook and print formats on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and it's currently 50-percent off on The Wild Rose Press's website.

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