New Book Release: The Exchange Soldier

Please join me in congratulating Yusuke Yahagi on the publication of his debut historical fiction novel, The Exchange Soldier! I had the pleasure of providing Yusuke with some developmental and copyediting assistance on this riveting tale of a Japanese soldier who is sent to train with the Nazis during World War II and, horrified by the atrocities of the concentration camps, crafts a daring plan to save as many Jewish people as he can at great risk to his own life. The Exchange Soldier was acquired by German publisher Edition Forsbach, and Yusuke will soon be embarking on a book tour of Germany! Here's the book description:

Growing up as a fisherman, Shota Yahagi attends Tokyo’s military academy. He becomes a master of self-defense and discovers an affinity for the German language. 

As Adolf Hitler comes to power in Germany, Shota is sent there as an “Exchange Soldier” to exchange mutual war tactics between the two newly allied countries.

Later, Shota becomes an elite SS commander. As Hitler invades Poland, the war breaks out. 

Upon his return to Germany from the Russian front, Shota gets promoted to SS general and is assigned to oversee the concentration camps. What he finds there horrifies him. While he rebels at everything he is witnessing, he quickly learns that questioning the operation has deadly consequences. 

Later he falls in love with a German woman. The problem of the concentration camps continues to plague Shota’s conscience, while millions of innocent Jewish people are being tortured and murdered. 

Then one day Shota makes a courageous decision: he is going to take advantage of his rank and position to free as many Jews as possible with the help of Italian Partisans and the French Resistance. 

The Exchange Soldier is available now in ebook and print formats on Amazon. Add it to your shelves on Goodreads, and check out Yusuke's band, Dr. Yahagi and the Mended Hearts!

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