New Book Release: The Seas Come Still

Please join me in congratulating J.P. Jamin on the re-release of his debut historical fantasy novel, The Seas Come Still. I had the pleasure of helping J.P. with a copyedit of this lush and lyrical tale of dual timelines connecting the ancient world, a mystical tradition of women, and the Enlightenment of the eighteenth century. Here's the book description:

A young slave on a Bronze-Age raiding ship fights to survive the Santorini eruption, and to understand the heart of Hibya, his beautiful Minoan rescuer. Amid the turbulence of the Revolutionary era, wounded English naval officer Sebastian "Selkie" Singer flees justice, desperately trying to explain the reasons in letters to the baby girl left behind.

What mysterious thread binds their stories? 

An epic historical novel of mystic discovery. Woven across three thousand years, from the fall of Minoan Atlantis to the dawn of the Age of Reason, The Seas Come Still invites you into the hearts of a closely-guarded sisterhood, separated by millennia, but linked by a code of love and service older than faith itself. The ignorant call them witches, mermaids, or worse, as they struggle to protect secrets older than history, and a lifestyle pressed nearly to extinction. 

A vivid and passionate imagination of the catastrophe that brought down the kingdoms of the Bronze Age, the chaos that gave birth to religions, and the astounding secrets of Minoan navigation and science. From the palaces of Canaan to the windswept coasts of western Ireland; ancient Turkey to the mountainous Basque region of Spain, The Seas Come Still takes you on an unstoppable journey across culture and language, conflict and healing, fact and fable. 

The Seas Come Still is available now on Amazon in ebook and print format (and at the time of this post, the Kindle edition is on sale for 99-cents!). Add it to your shelves on Goodreads, and visit J.P.'s blog for historical tidbits, recipes, and book reviews.

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