New Book Release: Dressing Queen Victoria

Please join me in congratulating Sylvia Barbara Soberton on the publication of her newest nonfiction book, Dressing Queen Victoria: An Intimate Story. I had the privilege of offering Sylvia some copyediting assistance on this intriguing glimpse into Victoria's wardrobe and the process of dressing her with quotes from her dressers and from Victoria's own journals. Here's the book description:

Queen Victoria was a figure larger than life, and her enduring legacy has proven larger than death as well. Yet despite countless biographies, the real woman behind the regal persona still remains elusive.

This book offers a unique approach to Queen Victoria and explores her extraordinary life and long reign through the most personal objects of all – her surviving clothes and jewels. In this book, we follow Queen Victoria’s life through a unique lineup of dresses charting her journey from an oppressed teenager to the Queen who became a legend during her own lifetime and lent her name to an era.

Strong and clear comes her voice across the centuries in her own words set down in voluminous journals and letters. This is a story of Queen Victoria like you’ve never read it before.

Dressing Queen Victoria is available now in ebook and print format on Amazon and Amazon UK, and you can add it to your shelves on Goodreads!

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