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Historical Editorial Has an Opening for an Associate Editor

Historical Editorial is seeking an experienced copyeditor to join our team as a part-time associate editor! 

Qualified candidates should have formal or on-the-job training and should be proficient with the Chicago Manual of Style. A digital subscription to CMOS or possession of a hard copy is required. All editing is done digitally, so proficiency with Microsoft Word is also required. Because Historical Editorial works almost exclusively with historical fiction, including historical fantasy and historical romance, qualified candidates should be well-read in historical fiction and able to spot anachronistic terms and language. Qualified candidates should be able to work quickly and efficiently; Historical Editorial strives to complete most projects within two weeks.

This position is ideal for someone looking for an extra source of income or looking to supplement their existing editing business. Historical Editorial associate editors are independent contractors. This is not a full-time position, and assignments can sometimes be few and far between, while at other times they can be quite frequent. This is also not a position for someone without significant experience. While Executive Editor Jenny Quinlan helps evaluate each project and is always available to answer questions and offer guidance, she does not do any training. 

Interested candidates should send a resume highlighting relevant experience with a cover letter to Jenny Quinlan:

A phone or video interview may be requested, and candidates should be prepared to perform sample edits.