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Welcome to Historical Editorial

We are independent editors specializing in historical fiction and all of its subgenres, including romance, mystery, and fantasy. Whether self-publishing or seeking traditional publication, writers have to work harder than ever before to make their novels stand out from the crowd, and that's where we come in. 

Historical Editorial has been my go-to editing partner since I began writing historical mysteries. They are experts in grammar and punctuation, but what sets Historical Editorial apart is their skill in editing a historical novel. They examine word choice and diction along with tone and clarity, always keeping the historical context in mind. Their edits improve my manuscripts without changing my author voice. I highly recommend them!
~Sara Rosett, USA Today bestselling author of 1920s historical mysteries

We have over 40 years of combined editing experience and have helped hundreds of authors achieve their publishing goals. Some of us are published authors ourselves. But at heart, we are first and foremost readers, and readers of historical fiction in particular. We keep up-to-date on new releases and trends in the genre, and chances are you've already run into us in online historical fiction groups and at industry events. All of this means that we have the genre insight to help guide your book to success. From concept, writing style, and structure to comp titles and market positioning, we're always thinking about how to help you not only make your book the best it can be, but to help give it the best shot at success in the marketplace.

So many thanks to Historical Editorial for the hard work helping me get my debut novel published. Their support, developmental guidance, and creative ability have made all the difference. I highly recommend the services that Historical Editorial provides. They are the best! 
~Donna Lawrence, author of Miss Virginia and the Sweet Sisters

The Historical Editorial Team

Jenny Quinlan, Executive Editor

Aaron Redfern, Associate Editor

Jessica Knauss, Associate Editor

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