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New Cover Design: Cry of the Brethren

Please join me in congratulating John Colwell on the publication of his late mother's historical romance Cry of the Brethren! John is working to publish all of his mother's manuscripts, and I had the honor of helping him design the first cover. Here's the book description:

Jessie Trent, stolen from her wedding altar, finds herself a fugitive from the Brethren and her fate in the hands of a buckskin-clad stranger and his raiding party.

Lucas Wakefield realizes he’s put the frightened young woman in danger when he saved her from the cruel fate as Oram Doud’s latest victim. With the Brethren of the Aaronites cult in angry pursuit, he escapes with his prize over frozen Lake Michigan and deep into the mainland.

Hiding out in an isolated cabin, the couple is forced to spend the bitter winter in close confinement. As the cold nights grow longer, Jessie soon finds herself falling in love with her mysterious kidnapper.

Lucas didn’t plan on becoming enamored of the beautiful woman and …

New Book Release: Tears of Sorrow

Please join me in congratulating Dale Swanson on the publication of his third novel, Tears of Sorrow, the sequel to his acclaimed novel The Thirty-Ninth Man! I had the pleasure of helping Dale with a developmental edit and a copyedit, and I designed the cover. Here's the book description:

Anton McAllister leads his Dakota family west to escape the white backlash after the US-Dakota War of 1862. Settling into the Black Hills, they merge with the Miniconjou Lakota band of Lone Horn. Anton’s adopted son, Four Wings, befriends the militant warrior Crazy Horse, and their world is turned upside down as they deal with disingenuous treaties, an illegal war brought on by the Grant Administration, and a deranged bounty hunter no larger than a child.

Sitting Bull, Red Cloud, Crazy Horse, and powerful men from the Cheyenne and Arapaho Nations make their stand when the army begins to build forts along the Bozeman Trail.

Red Cloud wins his war, the great herds of buffalo are methodically destroye…

New Cover Design: Montana Renegade

Please join me in congratulating Ramona Flightner on the publication of Montana Renegade, Book Four in the Bear Grass Springs Series! I had the pleasure of helping Ramona design the cover. Here's the book description:

A Respected Lawyer. The Town Pariah. A night at the Boudoir. Will love prevail?

Helen Jameson is tired of being Bear Grass Spring’s laughingstock. With little to lose, she flees the only home she’s known, and bargains her future away to an unscrupulous woman. Her experience three years ago with the town lawyer, Warren Clark, cemented her belief that no man is to be trusted. No one will ever care for her. She is on her own.

Warren Clark is a patient man. He has waited years for Helen’s forgiveness. When his dreams for reconciliation are dashed by her rash actions, he must decide if the future he envisioned with her is one worth fighting for. He quickly learns that rescuing her from the Madam is easy. Earning her trust is his greatest challenge. Now, Warren must convince…

New Book Release: The Greenest Branch by P.K. Adams

Please join us in congratulating P.K. Adams on the publication of her debut historical novel, The Greenest Branch! Jessica Cale had the pleasure of working with P.K. on a copyedit, and Jenny had the pleasure of designing the cover. Here's the book description:

The year is 1115, and Germany is torn apart by a conflict between the Emperor and the Pope over who should have the right to appoint bishops and control the empire’s vast estates. In that atmosphere, young Hildegard is sent to the Abbey of St. Disibod in the Rhineland as her parents’ gift to the Church in accordance with a custom known as the tithe. 

Hildegard has a deep love of nature and a knowledge of herbal healing that might make more than one Church official suspicious of witchery, and she hopes to purse medical studies at St. Disibod. But no sooner does she settle into her new life than she finds out that as a girl she will not be allowed to attend the monastic school or have access to the abbey’s library; instead, she…

New Cover Designs: Sisters Three and Love, the Journey Uncovered

Please join me in congratulating Mara Gold on the publication of Sisters Three and Love, the Journey Uncovered! I had the pleasure of helping Mara design the covers. Here are the book descriptions:

Abigail, Bridget, and Cassandra Darby are sisters fallen on hard times. Their mother has worked hard to support them and now it is their turn to earn a living.

Faithful Abigail is approached about a position as parlor maid in London’s fashionable West End. At first she is warmly welcomed by the household, but swiftly they turn against her as she spends more and more time with the master.

Cautious Bridget takes a position in a country home and quickly learns that her growing love for an amiable man is dangerous as she is warned over and over to leave. Her life is at stake. Will she leave for safety, or risk her life and stay for the sake of love?

Capricious Cassandra takes action after her mother informs her of a decision that she has made that she is not a part of. Will Cassandra’s decision bre…

New Cover Design: The Driver's Wife

Please join me in congratulating S.K. Keogh on the publication of her newest historical novel, The Driver's Wife! I had the pleasure of helping Susan design the cover. Here's the book description:

A story of redemption and unconventional love.

Leighlin Plantation offers Edward Ketch a new life, an opportunity to forsake his violent, troubled past and become a man worthy of respect and trust. But when a slave named Isabelle arrives, Ketch is drawn into a turbulent relationship that threatens the very peace he has struggled to attain.

Isabelle has her own desires for a fresh start, but scurrilous gossip about her past undermines those hopes. She struggles to be accepted by Leighlin’s other slaves and hopes marriage to a popular man will aid her cause. But her situation worsens when her husband becomes abusive. She discovers, however, one unlikely ally—Ketch, who is as much an outcast among Leighlin’s white population as she is among her people.

A stranger to love, Ketch cannot reco…

New HNS Feature: The Dutch Wife by Ellen Keith Shines a Spotlight on Forgotten Victims of History

Ellen Keith is celebrating the release of her debut novel, The Dutch Wife, a gripping novel about difficult choices and some of history's forgotten victims, and I recently had the chance to ask her a few questions on behalf of the Historical Novel Society.

In The Dutch Wife, debut novelist Ellen Keith shines a spotlight on two forgotten victims of history: prostitutes in Nazi labor camps and “the Disappeared” in Argentina’s state-sponsored terrorism of the 1970s.

When Dutch resistance fighter Marijke de Graaf and her husband are arrested and sent to different concentration camps in Nazi Germany, Marijke is given a terrible choice: to suffer a slow death in the labor camp or—for a chance at survival—to join the camp brothel.

Keith explains that she did not originally set out to write about these relatively unheard-of women, initially thinking to write about an SS officer, exploring his motivations and mindset, but when determining how to portray him through the eyes of those …

New Book Release: Imperial Passions: The Porta Aurea

Please join me in congratulating Eileen Stephenson on the publication of her first full-length novel, Imperial Passions: The Porta Aurea! I had the pleasure of working with Eileen on a developmental edit and a copyedit, and I designed the cover! This first book in a series based on the life of Anna Dalassena, a powerful Byzantine woman instrumental in founding the Komnenian dynasty, has been a long time in the making, and I'm so thrilled to finally be able to share it with you! Here's the book description:

From the author of Tales of Byzantium comes an epic story of love, power, and betrayal in eleventh century Constantinople

At the center of Byzantine society, fifteen-year-old orphaned Anna Dalassena lives with her grandparents among the most powerful men and women in Constantinople until the cutthroat imperial politics of the Great Palace send the family into exile in a distant corner of the empire. Her bleak situation finally turns promising after meeting handsome young sold…

Traitor's Knot is Nominated for The Joan Hessayon Award!

Please join me in congratulating Cryssa Bazos on her nomination for the Romantic Novelist Association's Joan Hessayon Award for New Writers for her debut historical novel, Traitor's Knot! I had the pleasure of offering Cryssa some developmental and copyediting assistance before she began the submissions process. Her novel was subsequently published by Endeavour. Way to go, Cryssa!

From the RNA website:

The RNA was founded in 1960 to promote romantic fiction and support authors. We continue to celebrate the excellence and diversity of the genre and provide a supportive professional network for writers of romantic fiction.

The list (of finalists for the Joan Hessayon Award) is made up of authors whose debut novels have been accepted for publication after passing through the Romantic Novelists’ Association New Writers’ Scheme. The scheme enables unpublished authors to submit a complete manuscript for critique by one of the Association’s published authors, and to attend RNA events…

New Cover Design: Wolves of War

Please join me in congratulating Martin Lake on the publication of his newest historical novel, Wolves of War! I had the pleasure of helping Martin design the cover. Here's the book description:

Killers of kings, destroyers of kingdoms. A fast-moving story of the great Viking army.

Leif Ormson is a Skald, a story-teller, renowned for his witty tales. His brother, Sigurd, is a blacksmith, making knives, scythes and horseshoes. And magnificent weapons of war.

But one day Ivar the Boneless, son of Ragnar Lothbrok, commands the brothers to make him a great sword. And he demands that they accompany his army to England.

Leif and Sigurd are thrown into a maelstrom of war and violence. The great Viking army blazes across England, murdering, plundering, killing kings and setting up puppet-rulers in their place. Until now the Vikings had come only to raid and plunder. Now they have come to conquer.

Leif and Sigurd face an agonising choice. Do they seek to return to their familiar lives? Or do th…

New Cover Design: Montana Maverick

Please join me in congratulating Ramona Flightner on the publication of Montana Maverick, Book Three in the Bear Grass Springs Series! I had the pleasure of helping Ramona design the cover. Here's the book description:

A curious reporter. A charming gambler. Will they accept the love dealt them?

As the newcomer in town, Jessamine McMahon is determined to forge her own path as a reputable reporter. In order to survive in the small town of Bear Grass Springs, she soon learns that she has to peddle local news and gossip as well as hard news. At turns fascinated and repelled by Ewan MacKinnon, Jessamine writes frequent articles about him, calling him the town’s “most disreputable gentleman.”

Ewan MacKinnon lives a charmed life. A successful builder, he spends his evenings at the saloons or at other fine establishments in town. He has no interest in a wife. Nor in love. Not again. However, Jessamine intrigues him with her fiery spirit and determination to prove herself capable in a world…

The Kitchen Mistress Wins an IPPY Award!

Please join me in congratulating Kathleen Shoop! The Kitchen Mistress was just awarded an Independent Publishers Book Award Gold Medal, Best Regional Fiction (Midwest)! I had the pleasure of helping Kathie with a copyedit of this gripping tale of a young woman's efforts to keep her family together in late 19th-century Des Moines, and I designed the cover!

From the Independent Publishers Book Awards website: The Independent Publisher Book Awards ("IPPY" Awards), launched in 1996, are designed to bring increased recognition to the deserving but often unsung titles published by independent authors and publishers. Established as the first awards program open exclusively to independents, over 3,000 "IPPYs" have been awarded to authors and publishers around the world. Independent spirit and expertise comes from publishers of all sizes and budgets, and books are judged with that in mind.

Here's the book description:

For every woman who’s had to choose between the …

New Cover Designs: St. John's Wood, Grover Square, Mayfair, and Chelsea

Please join me in congratulating Waverly Fitzgerald on the publication of four Victorian historical romance novels! I had the pleasure of working with Waverly on the cover designs. Here are the book descriptions:

High-spirited Thalia Horrocks, desperate to escape from the restrictions of the conventional middle-class life she lives and the loathsome suitor her stepfather and mother have chosen for her, decides to write a novel on a most scandalous subject.

She prevails upon her fast cousin, Lynton, to introduce her to the “pretty horsebreakers,” the courtesans who flaunt their wares in Hyde Park every afternoon. Unexpected complications ensue as Lynton takes Thalia to the notorious Cremorne Gardens and introduces her to the eccentric Lady Guenevere Shallot, a courtesan who changes her name to suit the d├ęcor of her home in St. John’s Wood.

Thalia’s curiosity gets her into all sorts of trouble, but her courage, her generous heart and her new friends help her escape from a desperate situati…

New Cover Design: The Lion of the South

Please join me in congratulating Jessica James on the publication of her new historical novel, The Lion of the South! I had the pleasure of designing the cover. Here's the book description:

The Scarlet Pimpernel meets Gone with the Wind in this suspenseful Civil War novel that leaves the lives of two men—and the destiny of a nation—in one woman's hands.

One woman holds the fate of the country in her hands.
Can she let her brother to die so the Confederacy might live?

As the Civil War grinds into its second year, an audacious and mysterious figure known only as the Lion of the South emerges from the shadows to rekindle the Confederacy's spirit of defiance.

Julia Dandridge returns to the Virginia home where she was raised, only to discover that the war has changed everything—and everyone—once dear to her.

With no one to turn to and nowhere to run, Julia is caught in a tangled web of secrets and deception. The only way to save her beloved brother from the hangman's noose is to…

New Cover Design: Love and Mutiny: Tales from British India

Anne George has a new cover for her debut historical novel, Love and Mutiny: Tales from British India, designed by yours truly! Anne decided the cover she originally published didn't quite capture the emotional themes of her novel, so she turned to me for help, and I was happy to oblige.

Before & After:

Here's the book description:
Reared in India, Edwina Hardingham loves her country and cannot imagine an existence away from it. Equally at home in the vibrant society of members of the East India Company in Calcutta and in the cool clime of Simla, at the foothills of the Himalayas, she enjoys undisturbed calm until confronted with love and mutiny. When the dashing Mr. Grayson rescues her from the hands of brigands in Calcutta, she develops a tenderness for him, which not even the ill-humoured Mr. Davenport can discourage.

All is changed, however, when the long-suffering sepoys of India revolt against the inequitable rule of the East India Company in 1857. Torn between worry …