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New Cover Designs: The Study of Murder and The Death of a Falcon

Please join me in congratulating Susan McDuffie on the publication of The Death of a Falcon and the re-release of The Study of Murder! I had the pleasure of working with Susan to design the covers. Here are the book descriptions:

Oxford, 1374: At the command of the Lord of the Isles, Muirteach and his wife Mariota accompany Donald, the lord’s surly thirteen-year-old son, to Oxford. Shortly after their arrival a winsome tavern maid disappears. Muirteach attempts to help Undersheriff Grymbaud with the investigation, as well as keep Donald at his studies and out of the taverns. He has little success with either venture. Mariota thirsts to attend medical lectures at the schools and seeks a way to gain admittance to these classes. 

An Oxford master is brutally bludgeoned to death, and Grymbaud asks Muirteach to investigate the slaying. The arrest of an aged servant for the murder stirs the ever-simmering discord between townsfolk and university students. Then Mariota vanishes. 

Gleaning clues…

New Book Release: Simple Truth

Please join me in congratulating Carol Bodensteiner on the publication of her newest novel, Simple Truth! I had the pleasure of offering Carol some developmental assistance on this tale of one woman's fight against corporate misconduct in a small-town community, and I designed the cover. Here's the book description:

Angela Darrah is a pro when it comes to pitching client stories to the media. But when she suspects her client is exploiting immigrant workers, she's forced to face her own prejudices and to examine herself in ways she never imagined.

Having landed a career-making assignment at one of Iowa’s largest poultry packing plants, Angela is stymied when the CEO who hired her resists her advice. Worse, he defers her to his right-hand man who keeps Angela off balance as he alternately supports and obstructs her efforts. When Angela finds an unexpected ally in a handsome Salvadoran plant supervisor, her professionalism wavers in the face of undeniable attraction.

As Angela …

New Book Release: Chasing the Wind

Please join me in congratulating Paula Scott on the publication of the final book in her California Rising series, Chasing the Wind! I had the privilege of helping Paula with a copyedit and the cover design for this emotional tale of faith and love in Gold Rush California. Here's the book description:

A beautiful, half-Indian girl raised by the Californios finds her fate intertwined with an American frontiersman haunted by his past in 1850 California.

As California comes to statehood amidst the madness of the gold rush, Isabella Vasquez must wed a buckskin-clad American who wins her in a card game. Though their union is passionate, Isabella soon finds herself abandoned in a brothel, where she rises to fame as a singer known as the Bluebird. Yet because of her Indian blood, the Bluebird will always be bought and sold in the white man’s world. When more is demanded of the Bluebird than just singing, Isabella flees to Fort Ross in search of her Russian father and her own race of peopl…

New Book Release: The Renewal

Please join me in congratulating Mike Torreano on the publication of his new historical novel, The Renewal, sequel to his debut novel, The Reckoning! I had the privilege of offering Mike some developmental editorial help on this Western tale of betrayal, vengeance, and love before he submitted it to his publisher, The Wild Rose Press! Here's the book description:

Ike McAlister has finally put the ghosts of his past to rest. He’s found new joy with a spirited wife, a young daughter, and a mountain valley ranch where a man can make something of himself. But a coming railroad through the South Park valley threatens to take his land and tear his hard-won peace apart.

Discovering that the railroad could easily bypass his ranch, he organizes opposition and earns the animus of the formidable foreman. When Ike’s brother Rob, the sheriff, is bushwhacked, Ike sets out on a high stakes quest to get the killer before the killer gets him.

The Renewal is available now in ebook and print formats on…

New Cover Design: Montana Grit

Please join me in congratulating Ramona Flightner on the publication of Montana Grit, the second book in her Bear Grass Springs series! I had the pleasure of designing the cover. Here's the book description:

An interrupted wedding. A deceitful bride. A devastated groom. Will they forgive each other and allow their love to rekindle?

After fleeing her past and settling in Bear Grass Springs as the schoolteacher, Leticia Browne has no intention of falling in love with the charming liveryman, Alistair MacKinnon. The pioneer town was to be her refuge. Survival and peace were her goals, not love. She never thought to marry. Never again.

Alistair MacKinnon is a patient man, slow to anger and quick to forgive. He’s waited three years to marry Leticia and his wedding day is upon him. When the door to the church bursts open, interrupting his wedding, he realizes nothing is as it appears. Now, he must face his worst fears , the town’s ridicule, and his hardest challenge yet.

Battling despair at…

New Cover Design: Isabella and Margaret

Please join me in congratulating Mara Gold on the publication of her inspirational historical romance novellas, Isabella and Margaret, the Bond Trilogy Books One and Two! I had the pleasure of helping Mara design the covers. Here are the book descriptions:

Newbury, Berkshire England

Beautiful, willful Isabella Martin is being raised as a lady by her doting parents at their bustling inn, the Jolly George. Life is full of learning ladylike accomplishments for her and her cousin Caroline. After an embarrassing family loss, security is more important to her than love, and she aspires to marry up out of her social class. Will her dreams come true as she seeks to socially climb, or will she die a slow, ghastly death at the hands of an adversary just when her life began to have new meaning? 

Newbury, Berkshire England

Beautiful Margaret Hufton is the daughter of the parishes’ good and caring doctor. She dearly loves to help her father on his rounds, especially if there is a baby to hold. Margare…

New Book Release: Lady Helena Investigates

Please join me in congratulating Jane Steen on the publication of Lady Helena Investigates, the first book in a new historical mystery series! I had the pleasure of working with Jane on a copyedit of this tale of an aristocratic widow turned sleuth in Victorian England. Here's the book description:

A reluctant lady sleuth finds she’s investigating her own family.

Step into Lady Helena Whitcombe’s world with the first novel in a series that will blend family saga and mystery-driven action with a slow-burn romance in seven unputdownable investigations.

1881, Sussex. Lady Helena Scott-De Quincy’s marriage to Sir Justin Whitcombe, three years before, gave new purpose to a life almost destroyed by the death of Lady Helena’s first love. After all, shouldn’t the preoccupations of a wife and hostess be sufficient to fulfill any aristocratic female’s dreams? Such a shame their union wasn’t blessed by children . . . but Lady Helena is content with her quiet country life until Sir Justin is fou…

New Cover Design: For This Moment

Please join me in congratulating Holly Bush on the publication of her newest historical romance, For This Moment, the third book in her Gentrys of Paradise series! I had the pleasure of designing the cover, and this is the twelfth cover Holly and I have worked on together. (Time flies when you're having fun!) Here's the book description:

Virginia, 1871. Born to privilege and duty, Olivia Gentry comes of age as women begin to find their social and political independence. The youngest child, and only daughter, of a successful Virginia family, she has been raised and educated to carry on the family horse-breeding business with her brothers. Having been deceived in love as a young woman and unsure of her instincts, she is wary to commit to marriage, but she cannot deny her long-buried feelings for a family friend. 

Jim Somerset has been in love with Olivia Gentry from the moment she gazed up at him as a young girl. A farrier by trade like his father before him, and Olivia's bro…

New Book Release: The Fire Within

Please join me in congratulating Carmela Dolce on the publication of her debut historical romance novel, The Fire Within: A Tale of Ancient Pompeii! I had the privilege of helping Carmela with a developmental edit and a copyedit on this exciting and emotional love story set in the final days of Pompeii, and I designed the cover. Here's the book description:

Falling in love is never easy, especially when a deadly volcano awakens beneath your city, threatening everything you hold dear.

Aurora Fortunas is an aspiring physician living in the celebrated city of Pompeii. Scholarly, proud, and devoted to family, she has refused every suitor for fear that a domineering man will crush her independence. When an earthquake strikes, bringing her on a collision course with a handsome stranger, she finds him old-fashioned, imperious, and utterly captivating.

Evander Mercurius is worldly, strong, and fearless. His belief that a woman should know her place and a man should always have the final wor…

New Cover Design: Overruled by Fate

Please join me in congratulating Leila Snow on the publication of her newest historical romance, Overruled by Fate! I had the pleasure of working with Leila to design the cover. Here's the book description:

It lies not in our power to love or hate,
For will in us is overruled by fate.
~ Christopher Marlowe

An epic medieval tale of enduring love, powerful enough to survive time and circumstance. Two souls destined to be halves of a whole, but fated to be kept apart. And yet a love such as this is not content to blindly accept the bonds of fate...

Nathaniel can hardly recall a time he hasn't adored Madeline. For Madeline, he truly is her knight in shining armour. Alas, one stolen night is all they are granted before Madeline is given in marriage to the wealthy and titled Earl of Marbourne, who is fast friends with the king. A whirlwind of intrigue and contrivance follows Madeline as she joins the court and catches the eye of the king, whilst cruel fate conspires to keep Madeline and…

New Book Release: Midnight by Day

Please join me in congratulating Gayle Mullen Pace on the publication of her newest romance novel, Midnight by Day, Book Three in the Majesta Landing Series! This is the seventh novel Gayle and I have worked on together, and I had the pleasure of offering Gayle some copyediting assistance on this exciting tale of love and danger in the Alaskan wilderness. Here's the book description:

You’ve met two of the three Raines brothers: Kody in Pictures for Maddie and Tec in His Norse Star. Now meet their brother Kavik Raines—mentioned, but missing in the first two books. Now he has a story all his own, full of mystery and secrets with international criminals searching the world for the one that got away.

Fashion designer Aubree Scott is living her brass ring dream life. Until the day she awakens from a coma, badly broken and unable to remember what happened. Placed in protective custody, she’s given a new identity and whisked away to a remote island in Alaska.

To keep his secrets, former FBI…

Best I've Come Across Round-up

In a perfect world, this blog would be full of writing and editing tips, research assistance, and all other kinds of good stuff you'd expect an editor to come up with. But the truth is, between editing and cover design gigs and maintaining my first love, my book review blog, I'm just too busy to devote as much time as I'd like to this blog. But I am pretty good at finding resources, tips, and fun stuff and passing them along to my followers on Twitter and Facebook. So I thought I'd compile the best of what I come across on the world wide web every once in a while in a recap post for this blog. Here's the latest:

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Grow Your Author Success Story in 10 Action Steps

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Rethinking Protagonists and Antagonists: Parallel and Perpen…

Sebastian's Way: The Paladin Earns a B.R.A.G. Medallion!

Please join me in congratulating George Steger! Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, his historical fiction novel, Sebastian's Way: The Paladin, Book Two of The Sebastian Chronicles, has been awarded a B.R.A.G. Medallion!

The B.R.A.G. Medallion is awarded by indieBRAG, an organization that supports and promotes independently published books. After a rigorous selection and screening process, only ten percent of the books they consider are awarded the B.R.A.G. Medallion (Book Readers Appreciation Group).

I had the pleasure of working with George on a developmental edit, copyedit, and cover design. Here's what indieBRAG had to say about Sebastian's Way: The Paladin:

"Book II of the Sebastian trilogy, like Book I, is far from just a military account of the wars of the Charlemagne era. To be sure it is a tale of valor, set in the “Dark Ages” world of the 8th century. But the tale is told within a context of morality and honor – and of love. It even becomes a full…

New Book Release: Apollo's Raven, Second Edition by Linnea Tanner

Please join us in congratulating Linnea Tanner on the re-release of Apollo's Raven! Jessica Knauss had the privilege of offering Linnea some copyediting assistance on this exciting tale of adventure, intrigue, and betrayal in ancient Rome and Britannia. Here's the book description:

Can a Curse Control Ancient Britannia?

The world is in turmoil. Celtic kings hand-picked by Rome to rule are fighting each other for power. King Amren's former queen, a powerful Druid, has cast a curse that foretells Blood Wolf and the Raven will rise and destroy him.

King Amren reveals to his daughter, Princess Catrin, the grim prophesy that his former queen pronounced at her execution for treason to him.

The gods demand the scales be balanced for the life you take. If you deny my soul's journey to the Otherworld by beheading me, I curse you to do the same as mine. I prophesize your future queen will beget a daughter who will rise as a Raven and join your son, Blood Wolf, and a mighty empire to…

New Book Release: The Cold Light of Dawn

Please join me in congratulating Anna Belfrage on the publication of her newest historical fiction novel, The Cold Light of Dawn, the fourth book in The King's Greatest Enemy series, which takes place during the tumultuous time when Edward III asserts his own power against his mother, Isabelle, and her lover, Roger Mortimer. I had the privilege of providing Anna with some copyediting assistance on this exciting and emotional tale of historical drama that brings to a close this chapter in Adam and Kit de Guirande's lives. (And yes, I did shed a few tears!) Here's the book description:

After Henry of Lancaster’s rebellion has been crushed early in 1329, a restless peace settles over England. However, the young Edward III is no longer content with being his regents’ puppet, no matter that neither Queen Isabella nor Roger Mortimer show any inclination to give up their power. Caught in between is Adam de Guirande, torn between his loyalty to the young king and that to his former…